How to Keep Personal Finances: The 10 Commandments


How to Keep Personal Finances: The 10 Commandments

In this article, I will give you 10 tips that I personally tested on personal finance management.

These rules are very simple, but nevertheless they should always be remembered in order to conduct personal finances effectively.

– Spend less than you earn.

– If you find yourself with a bunch of loans / debts on hand, choose the one with the highest percentage and pay the maximum contribution on it, keeping the contributions on the rest to a minimum.

Having closed it, choose the next loan with the highest rate and make maximum contributions on it, etc.

– Never think that the “future you” or someone else will be able to get you out of the consequences of your stupid decisions and mistakes today. Remember, only you can make the best decision for you.

– The fastest way to recover a shaky financial situation is to keep your impulsive spending in check.

– Life is full of unforeseen situations, so keep an untouchable supply of at least 10 thousand rubles for a rainy day.

– Be completely open in front of your soulmate about every ruble you earn or spend.

– Buy things that will last you as long as possible at the best possible price – you will almost never be upset by such purchases.

– In case of emergency, do not hesitate to contact your employer for help.

– When choosing stocks for investment, remember that success in the past does not guarantee future income. In addition to profitability indicators, pay attention to the costs of the selected company.

– If you have loved ones whose life depends on you, take care of life insurance.

True, act carefully and do not overload your policy with a bunch of cheap, but useless options.

Use these simple rules, and your financial situation will be in perfect order.

9. Homework
No need to buy store-bought frozen vegetables and fruits, if the capabilities of modern home refrigerators allow housewives to make such preparations on their own? Freeze peas, carrots, cucumbers, greens and cherries (well, a little dumplings), and the question: “How to save money on food?” Will become irrelevant in your family, and the diet will be tasty and without GMOs.