How big are Switzerland’s investments in the US economy?


How large are the investments of the Swiss National Bank in the American economy?

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) recorded a sharp increase in the capitalization of shares of American companies in its portfolio.

In the third quarter of 2019, the market value of securities reached a record high. The highest growth was shown by shares of IT giants. (Portal “Switzerland Business”)

According to the results of the third quarter of this year, the National Bank of Switzerland reported an increase in the value of the portfolio of shares of American companies by 1.5% to 94.1 billion US dollars (compared with the same period a year earlier).

This is the highest figure in the history of the central bank.

SNB recorded the highest growth in capitalization of the shares of the three largest IT corporations in the USA – Apple (+ 66%), Microsoft (+ 45%), Alphabet (+ 24%). For comparison: the market value of shares of only the “apple giant” in July-September increased by 17% – up to 3.4 billion US dollars.

Shares account for about 20% of all SNB investments. Recall that the latter is invested in the purchase of shares of foreign companies, as well as foreign currency in order to weaken the Swiss franc.

Below is a list of the TOP-8 shares of US companies (with capitalization) in the SNB portfolio:

Apple (+ 66%) – $ 3.4 billion;
Microsoft (+ 45%) – 3.4 billion;
Alphabet (+ 24%) – 2.5 billion;
Amazon (+ 18%) – 2.4 billion;
Facebook (+ 48%) – 1.4 billion;
Johnson & Johnson (+ 2%) – 1.2 billion;
Visa (+ 36%) – 1.1 billion;
Procter & Gamble (+ 30%) – 1.1 billion.