Hilariously cute: Toddler gives funny interview after twin siblings born



I have watched this video about dozens of times already! Every time I watch it I’m cuteness overloaded!

The end of the interview is so hilarious that I just can’t stop laughing! I just watch it again and again and laugh to tears every time.

The little girl is absolutely adorable and cute. I really like the way the interview is made. And the end is something unbelievable! Thanks for sharing this positive video.

If you ask children whether they want to have a sibling their answers may be absolutely different.

Some kids may say that they feel great being the only beloved baby in the family, and they don’t want to share their parents and toys with anybody else.

Other children are really looking forward to welcoming a new brother or sister at home. They want to get a sibling to play with and have fun together.

Those kids who are already a bit older usually understand that having a little sibling doesn’t only mean to have fun together, but also means a great responsibility.

After a bit of euphoria they get to understand that now they have to share everything: parents, home, toys, food, and attention.

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