Hilarious moment adorable little girl gets confused with mirror!


This is so funny!

I absolutely like how she tries to get her cup. Thanks for sharing this video. It made me laugh a lot.

That period when little kids are still learning the world around is one of the most precious and hilarious.

While they still don’t properly know how everything works around they may have absolutely priceless and funny reactions on various things.

This cute video showing an adorable girl getting confused by the reflection in a mirror will make your day. I don’t know if it was her first time seeing a mirror or not, but the result is really funny.

The cute little girl from the video is called Peyton. She is only two-years-old, and she lives with her family in Florida. The video was taken in the local store.

So, Peyton was playing in front of the mirror, where she met a ‘new friend’. Peyton put her cup on the floor and saw that the girl opposite her also had a cup.

The little girl decided to have a look at her ‘new friend’s’ cup. But, as it was just a reflection, she obviously couldn’t take it. However, Peyton didn’t figure it out and continued her attempts to take the cup.

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