Hilarious grandmas struggle to get off inflatable raft. So funny!


I haven’t laughed this hard for ages!

These two ladies had great fun and shared their positive mood with everyone who watched this video.

The two funny elderly ladies from the video below immediately became Internet sensations after the video was published.

The clip shows the hilarious moment the grandmas tried to get off an inflatable raft. Once I tried myself to get out of an inflatable boat, but it turned to be much more difficult than I thought at first. But these ladies seemed to have much more fun than I had.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the ladies were having great time with their family. How nice it is just to relax on water on a hot day! But everything has its end, and the women had to get out of their water transport.

However, it turned harder than the grannies had expected it to be. They rolled and fell. Whatever they tried it didn’t help.

The situation was so hilarious to watch that one of the family members decided to record this funny scene.

While this relative was filming the process, another one decided to help the ladies to get out of the raft. But the women were laughing so hard that they couldn’t even move properly.

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