Hilarious dog gets jealous when mom records baby. So funny!


That dog has the best facial expressions ever!

Awww! This video is so adorable! Such a cute doggie and the baby is cute too!

Just like every mom of a little baby, Charlie’s mom was reordering every daughter’s movement in order not to miss any important moment.

That was the day when everything pointed at the fact that Charlie was ready to make her first attempts in crawling. That is why mom took her camera and got ready to record every step.

However, when she started recording Charlie’s small movements, there appeared someone else, who wanted to become the main star of the video.

The family dog Katniss appeared just in front of the camera as if saying “Hey! I’m much more beautiful and interesting! Look at me!” This sudden act of jealousy turned to be too funny!

Someone may say that animals can’t feel jealous, but if you ever had a pet you may know that they can. And sometimes this feeling can be so strong that poor animals can’t hold it back anymore.

Perhaps, that is what happened to Katniss. I have two cats and I really know that they can be very jealous. I remember I first had one cat. We were together all the time.

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