Her phenomenal voice surprised even Andre Rieu and moved everyone to tears!


OMG! I’m absolutely speechless!

This little girl is so gifted and her powerful voice is amazing! This flawless performance just blew me away! Super!

According to some press establishments, the famous Dutch conductor and violinist Andre Rieu, like the great Strauss, may also be called the true king of the waltz. He was born already talented by nature.

The famous musician was born in 1949 in a family where there were many children, and none of them thought about playing the violin.

But the boy liked the sound of this instrument so much that, when he was only five-years-old, he began to take lessons of the violin. At the same time, Andre managed to study at an ordinary school and devoted more and more time to his favorite music.

When he was 23, the young man met his future spouse Marjorie. A bit later, Rieger began his learning from high-class masters. In 1978, the musician was accepted into the orchestra “The MAASTRICHT SALON ORCHESTRA”, and later became the second violin of the Luxembourg orchestra.

Nine years later, Andre Rieger created his own Johan Strauss Orchestra, initially consisting of only 12 performers. Five years were needed for the team to release their first album.

The team received fame after the recording of the 2nd waltz of the Suite for the orchestra of the famous Dmitry Shostakovich.

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