Hearing this little girl singing, the hall could not hold back the tears! Amazing performance!


I listen to this little miracle and can not convey all the emotions that I have experienced! This is the best I’ve ever heard in my life!

Now on television show a lot of shows with children’s talents. No one will be surprised by the beautiful performance of the song. Talented kids come to the talent show and I must admit that many have become accustomed to this state of affairs.

However, even among talented children there are children really kissed by God. Such as this little girl. Very few adult professionals who can reach its level. And it’s better to keep silent about modern variety when you listen and look at this baby.

She really is a real diamond. He performs it so that everyone in the hall cries. You listen and touch something very good in your soul.

I don’t understand a word about what she sings, but I listen with great pleasure and I am glad that there is such a child in the world who so soulfully sings this song, I also found songs with the performance of Amelia and I also listen to them with pleasure.

May God grant you health Amelia, you need to continue to delight your fans with songs performed by you.

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