He conquered death: a premature baby born on week 22, “released” from the maternity hospital! Amazing video!


Premature birth is one of the worst nightmares for the expectant mother. For the family of little Cullen Potter from the USA, it became a reality: the long-awaited baby was born more than 4 months ahead of time.

When Molly Potter started giving birth on the 22nd week, doctors from the local hospital gave the newborn only 2% chance that he would survive.

Scarce was born with a mass of only 394 g: it is very little for nursing, even in a special incubator.

However, his parents, who were eagerly awaiting the appearance of their second son, decided not to give up and actively fight for his life.

Robert Potter phoned 16 hospitals in 3 states, and only the doctors at the maternity hospital at the University of Alabama agreed to take the baby.

The baby spent 160 days in intensive care and, although he still receives small doses of oxygen, he breathes on his own and avoided virtually all of the health problems typical of premature babies.

His parents and elder brother were so happy with the success of the little fighter for life that they arranged for Cullen to take the solemn ceremony of discharge from the hospital.

The video, where a happy nurse carries a newborn in a master’s suit – a black hat and gown – on discharge, has already collected thousands of likes on the Web.

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