Girl sings heartwarming ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to foster dog. So touching!


Absolutely beautiful and incredibly touching!

Lucky Laila! She has found a new good human friend. And Anna’s voice is amazing!

Laila is a beautiful dog whose owner Baez is a military. He had to leave for service in Middle East and Laila moved to another family.

Donna Masusock was very kind to share her home with the adorable dog. But a new home isn’t the only thing Laila has found there in New Jersey. She has also found a caring and loving friend.

Anna is Donna’s daughter. She immediately like the pooch and wanted her to feel like at home. Anna understood that Laila could miss her owner. That is why the girl tried her best to comfort their guest.

This video was filmed by Anna’s mother and posted on the Internet. The video appeared so touching that it quickly went viral among the Internet users.

The video shows the moment Anna wrapped her arms around her new four-legged friend and sang her ‘You are my sunshine’.

When I was watching this video I could really feel that the girl was singing absolutely sincerely. She put her soul into her singing. And her voice is so beautiful. She is really talented!

The whole atmosphere, the touching song and how at the end Anna gave Laila a kiss and a hug absolutely melted my heart. Some tears even appeared in my eyes.

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