Two dogs trying to eat a slug through glass will instantly make you laugh


Haha! This video is so cute!

Seriously, I think I’ve watched this 20 times if not more. It just really makes me smile.

These pooches are absolutely funny! The dog on the right has got so big eyes and the pooch on the left wants to get that slug so badly!

These two adorable Boston Terriers decided to share a light snack with each other.

Having noticed the slug slowly crawling on the glass, the dogs took it for some new kind of delicacy.

Of course, the curious doggies decided to try this new meal and began to lick the treat. What a disappointment!

No matter how hard they both were licking the slug they couldn’t get it. They just didn’t realize that the little creature was reliably protected from them by a layer of glass. They didn’t understand that the slug was on the outside, while they were inside.

However, it did not stop the hungry terriers, and they with incredible persistence continued to press their tongues on the glass, trying to get to their prey.

Probably it is clear that the dogs did not have even the slightest chance to get a slug for lunch.

I don’t know how the heroes of the video felt at that moment.

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