These kids dancing will absolutely melt your heart! Super cute!


OMG! I can’t stop laughing!

These children absolutely made my day! They are so hilarious! What I really like about children is that they do everything with incredible sincerity and purity. That is why everything children do brings lots of joy and pleasure to everyone around.

I really like watching various videos where children sing, recite poems or dance. They always perform with so much cuteness and adorableness.

In the children’s performance all dance styles look wonderfully: romantic waltz, lower break, ballet or dynamic disco moves.

Even if there is still no good technique, no clarity in movements, and a sense of rhythm is still not very good, but it is absolutely impossible to take your eyes off these children’s dancing impromptu.

The explanation is very simple- as I have already mentioned, children do everything sincerely, from the heart.

In fact, they don’t need a lot to start dancing. Sometimes they just need a catchy tune and a beautiful outfit, or a gallant cavalier with a bow tie.

They dance how they want and where they want. And it does not matter how their dance moves look from the outside.

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