Pit bull tiptoes in order not to wake up the cat. Hilarious!


What an adorable video!

I would never believe that a big pit bull tiptoed past the cat if I didn’t see it on my own!

This pooch is so funny! His expression and the way he carefully makes every step is absolutely hilarious and adorable!

Many people consider pit bulls to be extremely unfriendly and serious dogs. If you are one of such people, this video may make you change your mind. Why?

Because it shows that pit bulls can be quite caring and attentive. At least one of them surely can. Meet Red. He is a very polite dog that moved from a shelter to a foster family.

When Red moved in he got acquainted with a cat that was already living in the house. So, the pooch respected the rules of a new house. And of course, he knew who the boss there was.

So, the video was taken when the owner called Red to come to him. The pooch obediently left the room to go to the owner.

However, Red had to go through a narrow corridor, and instead of happily rushing to the man, the dog went almost on tiptoe. He seemed to be trying to make as little noise as possible.

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