Kid interrupts group song with perfect rendition of the “Star Wars”song


OMG! He is absolutely adorable!

This boy made me laugh to tears. This is unbelievable! He obviously decided to turn a boring concert into an unforgettable one.

This hilarious video was published several months ago on Twitter by Erin Gibson. She was watching her niece and nephew’s concert at the kindergarten.

Everything was going well and no one was expecting what happened later. The woman’s niece and nephew were performing with another boy. They all had one shared microphone, and they were singing the children’s classic “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

At one moment Erin’s nephew decided it was his finest hour, and he suddenly changed the repertoire. He grabbed the microphone and started to sing the “Imperial March” from “Star Wars.”

That was a really unexpected change. The boy’s costars were absolutely overwhelmed and a bit puzzled.

The second boy just put up his hands and put them over his head. Erin’s niece also had no clue what her brother was doing.

What is really amazing is that the “Imperial March” even doesn’t have lyrics. But the little performer didn’t find any difficulties in performing it.

I think it is useless to say that this adorable “Star Wars” fan absolutely captured hearts of everyone who watched the video.

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