Girl wanted to show off solo dance, but her baby sister stole the show!


Super positive video!

They are both so adorable! But the little one absolutely blew my mind away!

When you have a sibling then your life is never boring, especially when you have a baby sibling.

Little children have one common feature. They are all very curious, and they always want to take part in everything that happens around them.

In the video below you will see two adorable sisters. The older sister’s name is Nyelle and her younger sister is Nevaeh.

Nyelle is keen on dancing, and she is fantastic at it. So, that day she decided to show off her great dance routine. She turned the camera on and was ready to perform. However, Nevaeh just couldn’t help interfering.

After watching this video I have a strong feeling that Nevaeh is also fond of dancing and, perhaps, she just wanted to show off her dancing skills too.

So, the very moment Nyelle was ready to perform her little sister came up to her in order to perform together. Unfortunately, Nyelle didn’t want anyone to spoil her solo performance, so she just let her sister know she had to stay away.

In fact, Nyelle’s dancing skills are quite good. She moves great and she really feels the rhythm.

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