Cute girl can’t stop giggling while her dad’s trimming her nails. Hilarious!


She is absolutely a sweetheart!

This little cutie pie is so smart! She seemed to clearly understand what she was doing! This is an absolutely positive video.

Small children are so cunning. In order not to do some procedures they don’t like, they are ready to go on different tricks.

So, this little girl decided to pretend that it was painful when her father tried to trim her nails… But after a second, her plan failed and everyone laughed!

This baby girl already knows how to play games and make fun of her daddy.

Most babies don’t like trimming their nails. And this adorable girl from the video below isn’t an exception. Now her father knows what a challenge it turns to be to do such a simple thing like trimming the nails.

This video of a very hilarious manicure session quickly went viral. Dad himself had no idea that it would become so popular on the web!

So, daddy had a plan to trim his daughter’s nails, but he had no idea that she also had a plan. When the man was ready to do the procedure the little actress absolutely scared her dad with an unexpected scream.

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