Cute dog is trying to eat a strawberry but it keeps slipping. Funny!


The cutest thing in the world!

I should really say that this dog is incredibly adorable! It evokes the feeling just to hug it millions of time! That is how it is cute!

I can guess that this pooch is still very young and it loves playing a lot. In fact, all dogs like playing. They seem to be ready to play any time of the day.

If their humans are too busy to play with them, then doggies successfully find something they can play with alone.

The adorable Shar Pei from the video below has also found his “toy”. We all know that it isn’t good to play with food, but this pooch seems to not know this rule.

For baby Finn the best thing to play with turned to be a… strawberry.

By the way, there isn’t only one video of this dog on YouTube. I have found several videos where this cutie is playing with a strawberry and trying to eat it, sometimes fresh and sometimes frozen.

What makes this video hilarious is that the dog looks as if he wants to sleep. You know… he is playing and then suddenly falls asleep. Then he wakes up again, remembers that he was playing and continues his game.

The video is very light and positive to watch. It gives some warmth and put a big smile on your face every time you watch it.

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