Corgi can’t get enough of mealtime. His “Happy Dance” has everyone in hysterics


Can’t stop smiling! He is so sweet!

What a good video to watch on a blue day to make it more positive! Such an adorable pooch! It is impossible to resist and refuse him, when you look into those eyes and his reaction just melts your heart. Pure cuteness!

Dogs are incredibly cute animals. In fact, they don’t need much to be happy. They just need some love and care from their owners. Have you ever noticed how happy dogs are with simple small things? Just a small thing can make these animals full of happiness and pleasure.

Welsh Corgi is an old breed of shepherd dogs, whose history dates back to the 10th century, in Wales. They are quite short and sportive and this allowed them to deftly dodge the horns and hoofs of grazing animals.

Dogs of this breed need a lot of space, because they need enough physical exercises.

There is no single version of the origin of the name “corgi”, but there are two popular theories. The main version of the name connects it with the Welsh “cor gi”, where cor is translated as “dwarf”, and gi is “dog”. According to other sources, “corgi” came from the changed word cur, meaning “watch, observe,” and ci (“dog”). Anyway, these dogs are incredibly adorable and funny.

Just look at this sweet corgi! He already knows that his owner is about to fill his bowl up with food. The dog is happiness overloaded! He jumps, taps his rhythm with his paws, and he is really looking forward to some treats.

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