Baby’s sweet conversation with dad got 38 million views on Twitter!


Aww! They are both so adorable!

What a good daddy! It is so pleasant to watch them!

This toddler obviously has his own thoughts and opinions. And I really think that he wants to share them with everyone.

This adorable video uploaded on Facebook just some days ago. The cute boy is named Kingston. He is only 18-months-old and his family lives in Clarksville.

His mother Shanieke Pryor caught her beloved husband and little son having this adorable ‘conversation’ while they were watching television.

This exchange turned to be absolutely heartwarming! That is why after the video was uploaded it quickly went viral and got more than 11 million views.

In the video below Kingston and his father Deztin Pryor were discussing the TV program they were watching, and they did it absolutely seriously. The boy seemed to talk the way his dad did.

It is absolutely precious how the connection between the dad and his son established at that moment.

This video will be an absolutely priceless memory for them. And one day, when Kingston is already a grown up, this family will gather together and watch this adorable video.

Personally, I like this video for its cuteness and because it is really heartwarming.

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