A bear family takes a dip in the pool. Viral video!


That is just amazing! Five adorable cubs!

Everyone loves cool pool parties! How I understand those bears! Cool water and you have fun in the pool together with your family is exactly what you need on a hot summer day.

Home plastic pool is a good way out if you don’t have enough time or you just don’t like visiting public pools. You can invite your friends. Listen to music and enjoy refreshing drinks just in your back yard.

If you have some supplements, such as a slide, then you are absolutely guaranteed to have lots of fun on a good summer day!

The video below made me feel a bit envious! Watching how that family was having fun in the pool made me want to join them. Not literally, of course.

It can be quite dangerous to join a big family of bears. Perhaps, that is why the owners of the pool decided not to interfere and just watched the bears from the inside of their house.

So, this family was lucky to have very special guests in their yard. A mama bear and her 5 little cubs decided that the Basso’s pool would become a wonderful place for them to refresh on a hot day.

Besides, children need to have fun and there were all the conditions for the cubs to play and enjoy the moment.

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