5-year-old steals the show during preschool graduation with hilarious dance moves


OMG! She is precious!

Watching this can cure your depression! I keep watching it again and again. This girl made my day. I absolutely love her personality.

There exist two main types of children: those who are shy and prefer to stay in the shadows, and those who are like firecrackers and never miss a chance to express themselves.

Five-year-old Lily from Ohio surely belongs to the second category. And everyone who knows her or met her at least once knows for sure that “a shy girl” isn’t about her.

The video below was recorded by Martina, Lily’s grandmother. It was Lily’s preschool graduation and all the kids were performing together on the stage.

However, it wouldn’t be Lily if she didn’t use the situation in order to show herself. So, the girl quickly stole the spotlight.

Lily’s classmates were all performing as it was planned. They were singing and swaying a little along to the music. However, Lily wasn’t enough and she went all in.

The way Lily was making her hilarious facial expression and her funny moves attracted everyone’s attention.

Martina was filming her granddaughter’s finest hour and couldn’t stop laughing herself. You can even hear how she was wheezing and snorting from laughing while shooting the video.

It is obvious that Lily is absolutely keen on dancing and singing. She feels so free while performing on stage.

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