Funny Video Compilation: Kids Falling Asleep While Eating!


Do you want to look at touching kids who fall asleep while eating?

We made a selection of such crumbs, which from fatigue almost “fell off their feet” during dinner.

On the Internet, a lot of different funny videos with the participation of children up to a year. Especially popular videos where kids get acquainted with new dishes for them and show an ambiguous reaction to new products.

And among the most viewed are the videos in which tots fall asleep while eating.

It’s no secret that children are very emotional and active. Sometimes this children’s activity just splashes over the edge. But when the “battery goes down” – you need a rest. Moreover, urgently!

It does not matter that now is not quite the right time and place, for example, eating: the tiredness of the children takes its toll, and the crumb falls asleep during the meal.

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