Funny video: Adorable boy finds a watermelon in the fridge!


OMG! I can’t stop laughing! So hilarious!

This little cutie pie just made my day! Thank you for sharing this video! It is the funniest one I have recently watched.

Aryo is a ten-month-old boy, who absolutely loves fruit. And this is really great, as fruits are very healthy and give children lots of vitamins.

However, as the video below shows, there is one fruit that Aryo loves most of all- watermelon.

This video was shared by Aryo’s mother on Instagram. It shows how the adorable boy sneaks into the kitchen, quietly climbs into the fridge and starts eating the huge juicy watermelon. He is so busy eating the sweet fruit that even doesn’t notice his mother.

The scene is absolutely hilarious! The only thing that prevents Aryo from getting a good bite of the watermelon is his lack of teeth. You should really see it!

The adorable video got numerous views, more than 150,000, immediately after its publication, and the amount of positive comments is also impressive.

This positive video can be used as a motivation. The cute boy shows that if you want something you should just take it without waiting. Why to restrict yourself? We should take everything from life, even if it’s a sweet watermelon.

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