Funny moment 5 cats meet their new human baby for the first time


Oh! Those cats are so curious!

I’m cuteness overloaded! They are all so adorable. Thank you for sharing this video, as it is really very positive.

We continue to talk about interesting people and animals, show unusual videos and tell exciting stories. Today we will show you an interesting video about how cats first meet a baby.

There is nothing more touching than the first meeting of a mother, a father and a newborn baby. And not less cute scene awaits parents at home when their pet sees the new family member for the first time.

Until that day, these cats were interested in two things — to eat and play. Sleeping is not taken into consideration, as sleeping for cats- is as air. So, nothing could knock these kitties out of their comfort zone. However, the owners from the video below found how to surprise their five adorable cats.

One fine day a new member of the family appeared in the house, and the furry cuties lost their peace.

In general, all animals love babies, when they first meet them, they behave very carefully with them, never scratch or scare. They understand that little children do not like noise, but need tenderness and care.

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