Friends’ jaw dropping dance routine wows AGT judges within seconds!


OMG! I’m totally speechless!

Their performance gave me goose bumps! Amazing! These kids are incredibly talented. Bravo!

To be honest, America’s Got Talent is my favorite talent show. I really like it that there you can see absolutely different people with various talents. It is the show not of one type. And that is why it never gets boring to watch it.

People of different ages and even from other countries come to the auditions to show their talent and skills. Izzy and Easton are among those people.

These two are just kids. Izzy is only 11 and Easton is 14. They have been dancing together for about five years. They came to show the world their dancing skills, and they did it perfectly well.

I absolutely loved their contemporary dance routine. The idea of their performance was very deep and emotional.

First I thought that for kids it would be quite difficult to express all the emotions of the background story. But they nailed it. I literally got goose bumps.

After a little conversation with the judges they started their performance. From the very first seconds the audience was totally blown away. How could it be another way! Their performance was absolutely breathtaking!

These kids showed that they are really skillful. Their technique and physical abilities are quite impressive. They are still so young, but they can beat even some adult professional dancers.

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