French twins wow AGT audience with stunning magic act


Wow! It looks like real magic!

The word “illusion” has many meanings, but the main one is “deception.” Nevertheless, the performances of illusionists all over the world attract the attention of many spectators.

So, how do the “deceivers” attract people? People have always been attracted to everything unknown and incomprehensible. There is a common opinion that the public is easily deceived when they really desire to be deceived.

One of the first known documents where illusory art is mentioned, is the ancient Egyptian papyrus Westcar. It contains various legends dating the year 2900 BC. One of them mentions the performance of the magician Jedi, who was able to put back and relive the cut off head of a goose, and could also make a wild lion to follow him without a rope.

Another illusionist, described in the ancient Egyptian papyrus, was known for having taken a small wax figure of a crocodile and inexplicably turning it into a living, adult and very ferocious beast.

Among the most famous illusionists of all time there are Cagliostro, Saint-Germain, Houdini, Kio, Hakobyan, Geller, Copperfield. Each of them has hundreds of followers around the world. But, I must say, the tricks that modern Houdini and Cagliostro perform are no worse than those of the great masters of the past.

Do you believe in magic? It’s always demonstrated in cartoons, movies, books and even on stage. People talk about wizards from the very beginning of the humanity.

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