Excited dogs meet newborn babies for the first time. Sweet!


Dogs and babies! How adorable!

Dogs are the most popular animals among a big number of people all over the world and this is absolutely understandable. These animals constantly confirm their status of the man’s best friends. Pooches are incredibly loyal, faithful and sincere. There are cases when dogs gave their lives for the life of their human. Impressive, right?

Happy dogs owners know how it is pleasant to return home after a hard day and you see your beloved four-legged friend waiting for you there.

Every time dogs meet their owners as if they are doing this for the last time. That is how they show their sincerity and pure love for people. But what would be the reaction of dogs if one day their master came home not alone, but with a new tiny member of the family, with a baby? Would they be as happy to see a new pretender for their humans’ love and attention?

A lot of parents feel a bit anxious and worried when they bring their newborn baby home. The worry what will be the reaction of their furry friends. None of dog owners want to offend their pets and they don’t want the pooches feel less loved or unneeded.

In the Internet there are plenty of videos that show these touching and exciting first meetings of man’s best friends and tiny babies. They are really touching, as most dogs can’t control their excitement and they feel extremely curious about who is there.

Of course, when you bring a newborn home, you’d better follow some simple piece of advice to make the first meeting more pleasant and safe.

Before acquainting the dog with a new member of the family, say hello to the animal, without a child: this will help reduce the excitement of a pet, who was waiting for the owner’s return. It is better to divide the meeting into several stages.

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