Ellen Meets a 5-Year-Old Geography Expert!


Nate is a boy who doesn’t even go to school yet as he is too small) His love for countries, geography in general, and more has really put him on the map! Is he a prodigy? Let’s see! Or Let’s read and then watch and see for yourself!

Who are prodigies?

The child prodigy is a child who excels in the intellectual development of his peers. As a child, they can master several professions and achieve their heights at school age.

Genius and giftedness is a deviation from the norm in the structure of the brain. The geneticist V. Efroimson claims that she is given to one of a thousand, develops in one of a million and only one in 10 million becomes a real genius. These abilities are inherited. And then, how and when they manifest themselves, already depends on external factors. They can not be nurtured by intensified occupations alone. As a rule, parents of geniuses do not exert excessive efforts in teaching a child. Children tend to learn what they like, and adults, seeing these interests, support them.

The most famous prodigies

Akrit Yasual
A young gifted child from India. At the age of seven he performed his first surgical operation.

Pablo Picasso
At the age of 12 he was considered a mature artist with his own unique handwriting. At 16 he organized his first art exhibition, and in 20 he became an internationally renowned artist. With all this, it was very hard for him to give the rest of the subjects in the school: at the age of 16 he could hardly read in syllables and wrote with a lot of spelling errors.

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