Dad beatboxes with baby son and it turns absolutely hilarious!


So adorable! Babies laughing are so precious!

That kid is lucky to have a dad like that. They both seem to be so happy!

Being a parent is the most difficult but the most precious job ever.

If you ask any parent they will tell you that all those sleepless nights and bad days are really worth it, especially when you see your baby smiling and laughing.

Those moments when your actions make your baby happy are absolutely priceless. And the dad from the video below was lucky enough to share such moment with his little son. Moreover, now they have a video to watch this moment again and again.

Jason Manns is a happy father of three children. Tripp is the youngest one. He is only one-year-old. Jason is a musician and, of course, he wants to share his love for music with his children.

That is why Jason decided to start with beatboxing. He was demonstrating some sounds to Tripp and then it was the boy’s turn to show his skills.

However, instead of the desired sounds everything what the dad got was blow spit straight into his face. Tripp started to laugh hard and couldn’t stop giggling. He obviously found this incredibly funny.

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