Cute video: little girl wins hearts with her adorable dance!


What a cutie pie! Mind blowing dance!

This little dancer absolutely won my heart! Just look at her moves and expression on her face! I can’t stop smiling! This video made my day!

Little children are so positive and open that they immediately warm hearts of everyone surrounding them. Everything they do, they do with some special cuteness and adorableness.

That is why different kids’ talent shows are so popular all over the world. And that is why videos showing little children performing on stage are getting millions of views on the Internet. The video below isn’t an exception.

This video shows the moment a little and very cute and talented girl came on stage of the Indian talent show to wow the judges and the audience with her dancing talent.

The very moment she came on stage she already won the hearts of everyone who was present in the studio. But when she started her performance the judges were totally cuteness overloaded.

Her bright and colorful traditional dress made the audience keep an eye on her dance during the whole performance. And her mimics were something absolutely adorable.

I really liked how with her eyes she tried to express the feelings and emotions of the song. It looked so heartwarming and bit funny.

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