Cute video: A woman leans over to kiss a child – then the newborn does something she will never forget!


The invisible connection between mother and child is striking. I think it is established before the baby is born.

It is also different from other relationships between people who are born gradually and grow stronger over time. She is strong from the very beginning and remains forever.

I think this is why the video below is distributed on social networks at the speed of a forest fire. It demonstrates mother’s love for the child and vice versa.

In addition, it is really sweet, charming and incredibly touching!

In the video, the mother holds the newborn baby in her arms and kisses it, gently and sweetly, as all mothers do.

Then something very funny happens. As soon as mom stops kissing the baby, he squeezes his tiny lips, as if she wants to get another kiss from her.

A woman is unable to hold her emotions and laughs heartily. You yourself can see the mom’s surprise that at such a young age her baby already has the skills of acting skills. Indeed, this little girl is able to charm anyone.

Then mother again kisses her baby, which again repeats the sweet expression of the face!

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