Cute baby interrupts father who is trying to sing. Hilarious!


So precious and cute!

This is a really adorable video of a daddy and his son! It is very positive and made my day!

Enzo is an adorable little boy who likes having fun with his daddy. Personally, I couldn’t stop smiling during the whole video, and when the boy was laughing I started laughing myself.

The video below shows Enzo and his dad performing a traditional Brazilian song. The boy’s dad tries to explain him when he should sing his part, but Enzo obviously has his own vision when to sing.

All this confrontation resulted into a very funny video. Every time dad starts singing Enzo interrupts him with his own singing, as if he is hurrying to show everyone that he knows the words of the song.

But daddy doesn’t give up. He explains the idea to his son again and again. However, Enzo doesn’t give up too and continues to start his song the very moment his dad starts his. Dad’s explanations just don’t work at all.

When you watch this duet from the video, you understand why dads-children videos are so popular among the Internet users.

It is still difficult to say whether Enzo is a good singer, but he is obviously quite stubborn. He seems to agree with his dad, but when the moment comes he continues to do what he wants.

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