Chubby baby and Labradoodle have an adorable fight over stuffed toy


Haha! They are so cute!

A baby and a dog in one video is a perfect formula for a good mood and positive emotions!

First of all, chubby babies are absolutely adorable. And as for Labradoodles, they are also very cute.

As it has already been proved, children and dogs have some special connection, especially if they are together from their first days.

Dogs are good protectors and friends. They often become even best friends for their little humans. They are ready to share meals together. They often sleep and play together too.

However, everyone, no matter if it is a baby or a dog, has some favorite things they are not ready to share with others, even with their best friend.

The video below shows a chocolate-colored Labradoodle playing, or it is even better to say, chewing his stuffed toy. He is doing it so enthusiastically that he even doesn’t notice how a baby comes crawling to him.

The adorable chubby girl has her own plans on that soft bunny. So, she just grabs the bunny’s leg and tries to pull it closer. However, the dog isn’t going to give up. Oh, poor bunny!

Both of them, the baby girl and the pooch, are really determined to not step back. Each of them really wants to play with that bunny. By the way, no one asks the bunny who it wants to play with.

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