Chinese Babe Conquered The Internet – Video Of A Incredibly Talented Boxer!


Eight-year-old girl from Guizhou province of China storms social networks with her incredible boxing skills

Zheng Yazi is only 8 years old, but in China she is already a boxing star. Even an avid experienced boxer can envy her fearlessness, accuracy and speed of reaction.

In the homeland, everyone knows the girl under the pseudonym Xiao Tanroan, which means “sweet little dumpling” in Chinese.

True, in the ring the girl is still a tough nut. The video from her home training shows how she gives all the best for 100 percent, not at all sparing herself.

Father decided to teach the girl boxing so that she could protect herself from hooligans at school. Now she regularly sparring with her ten-year-old brother Yuchen.

Recently, a young boxer took part in a special children’s match. The rival of the girl was a cut above her head, but she still surpassed him.

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