Children vs animals: who of them is more fun – cute video collection!


Have you been to a zoo with a baby for a long time? And here it is in vain – communication with animals not only develops their horizons, but also often serves as a source of laughter and good mood for the whole family.

Usually crumbs adore the zoo, and this is quite understandable: they are as sweet and spontaneous as the inhabitants of this small piece of nature in the megalopolis.

If the child is fidgety or you are very tired after a busy day with one (or even several) restless ones, watch this video selection, which will help you relax and eliminate stress.

The little heroes of the video are simply adorable: they play a “cuckoo” with a bear, teach a turkey to jump, tease lions and tigers a little, and even almost shake their paw.

At the same time on the face of the kids written indescribable delight from meeting with feathered, reptiles and mammals, which they vigorously express.

Laugh as a family while watching and go to the zoo!

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