Children Saved The Dog From A Huge Snake! Dramatic Video!


It is not known where this video was shot, but the bravery of the boys who saved the dog from the python’s mortal embrace can only be admired

The video shows how not very big, but, apparently, a very strong snake entwines a dog with powerful rings of medium size.

Around jump children who are trying to save the unfortunate animal by all means.

The protagonist of the video – an older boy – is struggling to hit the predator with a long stick on the head, the rest are trying in every way to intimidate the snake.

It is worth noting that young rescuers act quite confidently and very quickly. The video shows that in the end they manage to capture the python from two ends and free the frightened dog, which is immediately removed from the battlefield.

Pythons are a family of non-toxic snakes. Currently, there are 9 genera and 41 species of pythons. Their sizes range from one to seven meters.

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