Bride in wheelchair stuns her wedding guests with first dance. So touching!


That’s amazing!

She looks so beautiful and gorgeous, and her dress is amazing! Congratulations! This is the sweetest story ever!

Wedding day is one of the most memorable and important days in the life of every woman. Being just little girls they already often imagine how beautiful and magical their wedding will be.

Every detail is very important. Flowers, general color of the decorations, light, music, wedding dress, hairstyle and first dance of course.

For every couple their first dance symbolizes the beginning of their new stage in life. Even if they have danced plenty of times together before, the first wedding dance gives some special and very touching emotions both to the groom and bride.

For Kristy Capella her first dance with her beloved husband was also very important. That is why she tried to do her best to make that moment absolutely unforgettable. And she did it!

Kristy was born with a damaged spine and now she has multiple sclerosis. She can’t walk and uses a wheel chair in her everyday life. However, she was absolutely determined to not lose the chance to dance with her husband at their wedding.

So, she took dancing lessons where during five weeks she was learning how to dance in wheelchair. These classes gave her proper skills and technique as well as some more belief in herself.

That is incredibly amazing when little and big dreams come true!

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