Boy has funny reaction to finding out he’s getting 3rd sister


Awww! Poor little boy!

He wants to have a brother so much that he can’t hold back his emotions seeing that pink color. Not again!

This little boy obviously didn’t like the color he saw in his cake, and the fact that he asked his parents to try once again for a brother, proves this too.

Destin Torres is a happy big brother of two adorable girls. But this time he really wanted it to be a brother. What was his disappointment and devastation when at gender reveal he saw pink filling in his cupcake.

It isn’t surprising that Lexiann and Aviana wanted to have another baby sister. It is so good to play together and share dolls with each other. However, Destin are not quite keen on playing dolls with his sisters. That is why he really hoped for a brother.

Brittany, Destine’s mother, knew her son would be quite upset on that pink news. But no one was expecting such a tantrum from him.

The boy was so devastated that nothing could calm him down. He was in a bad mood for the whole next week and to emphasize it Destine was listening to a depressing music.

He admitted that he surely would love and take care of his little sister, but he still wanted to have a little brother. So, his parents have to try again to get Destine a brother.

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