Bossy daughter scolds dad for leaving toilette seat up. Hilarious!


What is going on?

Why do they have such an unexpected conflict? How do they decide to solve it? Watch the video below and it will surely impress you!

Bradlee Rae Hayes is only three-years-old but she really seems to know how to express her thoughts, and she really knows how to be bossy. In fact, she has to be so, because her daddy stubbornly ignores her requests.

How many times does she have to tell him when he puts the seat up, and she tells him to put it down for her? Why does he keep doing that?

Oh! How I understand this girl! That’s a real male crime! Perhaps, every woman and every girl who has ever lived with a man knows this problem- not putting the toilet seat down.

Bradlee is just a little girl, but she already knows how annoying this problem is. Being sick and tired of all that injustice, little girl decided to have a very serious talk with her naughty daddy, but he still seems not to see what the problem is.

No, really! If you can put the seat up… then why can’t you put it down? Men just don’t understand how global this problem is for women, as they don’t know that feeling when you sit down on an icy cold toilette… especially when it is at night and you are still sleepy.

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