Big sister calms down crying baby singing her ‘You Are My Sunshine’


This is the most blissful thing I saw today!

That was simply beautiful to watch! So cute! I hope they will be very close when they grow up!

I have always wanted to have a big sister. I imagined how we would spend our time together, have fun and share everything with each other.

Personally, I think it is really great when you are not the only child I your family, and when you have someone to share your everyday routine with. Children often have some things they can’t tell their parents, so they can share it with their siblings.

Zoey can proudly call herself a big sister. Now she is a role model, a friend and a nanny for her little sister Gabby.

As Gabby is still very little she often cries like all babies do. But not all babies have such an incredible big sister who knows how to calm them down.

Zoey absolutely loves singing and her singing has a calming effect on Gabby. No matter why Gabby cries when her big sister starts singing she immediately calms down.

The video below shows one of such moments. Gabby was really upset and Zoey immediately started her soothing procedure. She started singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and (what a magic!) Gabby stops crying.

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