Big brother has precious reaction to meeting his baby sister. So cute!


That is really so touching!

This video is pure joy and positive! How precious this moment is for the whole family! God bless them!

It is a very special and important moment when a newborn appears in the family. While the birth of the first child changes only its parents’ life, the birth of the second child and more now influences the big child’s life too.

For all parents the moment their older kids meet the newborn is very important and exciting. They often worry if the older ones will accept the newborns.

In fact, there is a serious reason for parents to be so anxious. Sometimes children feel jealous, and they don’t want anyone to share their parents with.

However, this video shows an absolutely opposite reaction.

This cute boy’s emotional reaction to meeting his newborn sister for the first time has immediately gone viral on Twitter. This video has melted hearts of nearly six million viewers.

The video was posted by Justyce Shavue who is the best friend of a happy family.

The clip shows how a little boy is sitting next to his mother in her hospital bed, and he immediately gasps in excitement when someone brings his sleeping baby sister to them.

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