Baby’s adorable reaction to hearing her sister’s voice for 1st time!


This video made me cry!

What a touching moment! God bless this little angel and all her family!

Being a mom myself I quite understand how it is important for every mom that her children are safe, healthy and happy. It is like a real torture when your baby is hurt or has any problem.

Nothing can make me feel happier than the sound of my son’s laughter. And I still remember the moment I talked to him, and he first reacted to my voice with a sweet smile. I was so happy at that moment.

Carol is a young mother of two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, Scarlet, her youngest daughter, was born earlier, and she had some bad infection that later caused hearing loss.

It was a quite difficult period for the whole family, because the baby was so tiny and weak, and they had to wait long time until Scarlet became stronger. Despite her hearing problem, Scarlet is a very happy ad absolutely beloved baby.

Fortunately, when little girl was 11-months-old she got some special hearing aids. It showed that Scarlet’s condition was much worse than they thought.

The moment when Scarlet’s older sister talked to her was absolutely amazing. It touched me so deeply that I couldn’t hold back my tears. When that little angel answered to her sister’s words with a happy laughter I just felt so happy for their family.

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