Baby has the most precious reaction to dad’s kiss! Heart melting!


This moment is absolutely priceless!

Honestly, this is the most touching and the cutest video I have ever seen! These 9 seconds touched me deeply and made my eyes watery.

I don’t know the story hidden behind the video, but I can guess that the baby was born much earlier than it had been expected. It is so tiny, innocent and helpless that when you just look at it, you want to hug and protect it from everything.

For every parent the moment they become parents is very important and exciting. They fall in love with their baby the very second they see it.

As for dads, these serious and strict men absolutely melt when they hold their tiny angel. They feel so happy, puzzled, excited and overwhelmed with lots of other different emotions that they sometimes even can’t hold back their tears.

Before the happy moment when parents meet their newborn baby comes, they have to overcome nine months of waiting and worry. Every parent wants their baby to be born healthy and on time.

If something goes not according to the plan it makes all parents worry a lot. But in any case, they should be strong and stay calm, as babies feel all the emotions their beloved parents have.

Just look at this daddy! He obviously wasn’t expecting his tiny angel appear so early. But now, he is holding his baby and will never let it down.

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