Baby has heart-melting reaction after trying ice cream for first time!


What a precious moment!

This is the funniest video ever! His look as if says “too cold”, but soon he will absolutely love that sweet treat.

I don’t know any person who doesn’t like ice-cream. There are so many kinds of this delicious treat that everyone seems to find something to their taste.

What can be better than a full spoon of cold refreshing dessert, which can be served with fruits, syrups, candies, chocolate and many other delicious things?

I can hardly imagine a child who doesn’t like ice-cream. This dessert is the most favorite one among kids. Now the army of ice cream fans has got one more little member.

The video below shows an adorable 19-months-old boy having his first bite of ice-cream. He had never eaten this tasty food, so his reaction turned to be absolutely adorable.

I’m sure that Ty, this is the name of our little taster, has watched adults enjoying the delicious dessert many times, but he never had idea how cold it was.

The moment cold ice-cream got into Ty’s mouth, the little boy’s face immediately changed. His expression was absolutely unforgettable! He even pointed at his head as if saying that he got brain freeze.

However, Ty didn’t stop eating the ice-cream. Every spoon seems to be a real challenge for the toddler. But that challenge is so sweet and tasty.

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