Baby and pup have an adorable conversation that will warm your heart


They are so adorable!

As for me, there are few things that can be cuter than a baby and a puppy. They both radiate so much warmth and positive that only one look at them is enough to make you smile.

This video is so adorable and cute that after watching it your mood will immediately improve.

Children and dogs easily find the common ground, and they become very good companions for the rest of their lives.

In the video below you will see how a baby and a dog literally found the common language. It is difficult to say what they are talking about in the video, as I don’t understand their language, but they seem to understand each other.

So, meet Sophie and a Shorkie puppy. They meet for the first time and immediately find what to discuss.

The puppy is so cute! In fact, how could it be otherwise? Shorkie is a mix of two most adorable pooches Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier. So, the result is incredibly sweet, and even the toughest heart melts from these cuties.

The video below lasts a bit longer than one minute, but it will give you positive emotions for the whole day. It is truly amazing to watch these two cuties interact with so much excitement.

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