Babies’ first time on the beach- Absolutely adorable video!


Absolutely awesome!

This video is the most positive video possible! Cute babies, sunny summer days, relaxing beaches and refreshing water. What else do you need to get positive emotions and relax yourself?

Watching kids growing up is always very interesting and hilarious. You never know what to expect from them.

The most precious moments are those when kids are just learning and discovering the world around.

Every “first time” is very exciting and interesting for them and their parents. Very often these first discoveries turn really hilarious to watch.

Today I suggest you to watch an absolutely adorable and positive compilation of little kids’ first visits to beach.

It is even hard to imagine all those emotions they have while playing in the sand and playing with waves for the first time.

However, for most parents this first time going to the beach can hardly be called relaxing and calm.

They should really be very attentive as kids often like putting everything into their mouth: sand, seashells, stones and other inedible things.

Just look at all these kids! They seem to get so much fun there. I really like that footage with the baby falling asleep with her face in the sand.

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