Amazing video: The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear!


Human kindness and responsiveness can do amazing things. This story will amaze you! When this bear was only 16 weeks old, he was tamed by a man named Marc Dumas.

60-year-old Mark was the only one who could find a common language with the teddy bear, because he had fed him from the bottle! Mark doesn’t feel much in his toothy friend and is ready for anything for his sake.

For example, every morning he gets up early to swim in the pool with his bear.

What a fun entertainment! Surprisingly, both of them are madly in love with this entertainment. Just see how this couple is pleased with what is happening.

Bear splashes in the water and enjoys life with his loving owner. The bear loves Mark so much that he even allows him to put his head in his mouth.

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