Amazing Video: 86-Year-Old Gymnast Performs At World Cup!


Very inspiring video!

Johanna Quaas is an 86 year old gymnast who is in amazing shape.

Who said age is a hindrance to a dream come true? In the end, this is just the number of years lived, which should not interfere with doing what you love.

Very often, when we want to achieve something, our consciousness chooses various excuses for our inaction.

One such excuse is age. “I’m too many years old” or “Of course, they feel good, they are young”, etc.

We suggest you watch a short video in which 86-year-old Johanna Quaas performs at the Turnier Der Meister World Championships, Cottbus 2012 in Germany.

This woman in her lifestyle shows a great example of what you can be in adulthood.

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