Amazing and inspiring video: a small girl does professional skateboarding tricks! She the most purposeful!


Patience and endurance of young children makes adults think about what events they postpone until later.

In this video, a little girl on a skateboard trying to make a professional turn 540. On a special sports field to perform tricks, the girl strives to set her personal best.

She is only 9 years old, and she, despite unsuccessful attempts, does not stop.

As a result, her aspirations proved successful and after a few tens of seconds, she performed her trick.

After such an important task, she was pleased.

“My skating all started because I wasn’t allowed to get a bike because we don’t have a garage. So my mum bought us skateboards instead. I started from rolling down my dad’s business car park. I’ve been skating for about 3 years. My favorite trick is a 540.”

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