Alaskan Malamutes belt out song in unison. Absolutely hilarious!


You just have to watch them!

These doggies are so cute and adorable! They evoke a big desire to hug them.

I don’t know what they were howling about, but it made me smile a lot. It sounds like they were trying to sing some pop song, but they obviously need some more practice.

First of all, I should confess that I absolutely love this breed of dogs. My heart melts every time I see such dog. So, when I was watching Travis, Leila and Zoe singing, my heart melted three times minimum.

This adorable video was taken when the three cuties were on their way to the groomer. Either they were complaining about the upcoming procedure, or they wanted to make the ride funnier, the result turned to be really hilarious.

I have heard that Alaskan Malamutes tend to be quite talkative. But I can’t even imagine what noise they make when they start talking all together at once.

After watching the video I can guess that these three pooches are good friends, and they live in total harmony. At least, they surely sound in complete harmony.

I always like watching various videos with home animals, especially dogs. I find them very funny and adorable. They are so unpredictable, just lie kids. You never know what to expect from them, and they often make you laugh.

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